Culler Creations
Hello, and welcome to Culler Creations! I'm Jessie and I created this website and all of the creations you will see here. I started making the things you will see simply to pass the time. A housewives hobby if you will and before I knew it everyone I know was asking for one of my creations, and then people they knew and now I am creating not only for the fun of it but now I'm making few dollars here and there as well. The way I see it... the more I sell the more I can create and that makes me one happy Culler!

Rose Pens
My Rose pens are 2.50. They come in all kinds of colors, If I have the colors in stock then I can Create endless potability's. Check out my Rose Pen Creations page to see some of my Creations.
My Bracelet's are 5.00 they are made from Para cord. I use two 5 foot strands per bracelet and a side release buckle. The combinations are Unlimited. Visit my Bracelet Creations page to see my current colors and some of my creations.
Shipping and payment
​I Have spent a few days working out the details but thanks to pay pal everything is running smoothly.
​Feel free to contact me at 
OR visit the Culler creations Facebook page and leave a message there. with any questions, comments, concerns or anything else you may need. Please Enjoy my Website.
Jessie Culler
Party Packages
I would like to do special for birthday party s and baby showers and things like that. I am doing a party this August for my cousin which made me think of the Idea. If you would like to order a party package please email me and we will discuss the price. Also all party packages will have free shipping.
KeyChain Creations
KeyChains are 3.00 they are a new addition to the website​ so I don't have meany pictures but there will be new ones soon.